Investment Strategy

Graycliff Capital Partners is a dynamic, data-driven strategic real estate investment firm.

Real Estate Investments Complete
Equity Raised
Managed across 75 historic properties

Graycliff makes investment decisions based on three key objectives:

01. Growth

02. Supply & Demand

03. Barriers to Entry

Our success can be attributed to key practices:

Alignment of Interest

Graycliff’s principals, employees, and key operating partners invest in every Graycliff investment. The principals of Graycliff have always led with the philosophy to align the interests of the firm with those who entrust the firm with their money. This approach means every Graycliff strategy is pursued from an investor’s perspective to achieve the best results possible.

Concentrating on the Right Deals

Graycliff utilizes both macro and micro economic data to support the acquisition and development of well located, high-quality, multi-family assets. The use of data is a proven way Graycliff has a track record of identifying trends that lead to successful investments. This analysis is critical for making investment decisions and looks at the current health of the rental market including: market variance, current absorption rate, and development pipeline.

Targeted Location Identification

By pursuing value-add investment opportunities in high growth markets, we acquire assets in areas with increasing population, income and employment. These are high-value, high-quality locations that are exceptionally marketable in respect to escalating demand in the multi-family housing market. Graycliff also digs into the detail behind the growth to ascertain its sustainability. They analyze what is driving the growth, the diversification of the growth, and what types of jobs are being created.

Graycliff’s Core Competencies

Our principals have experience in each facet of the investment strategy including real estate valuation, asset management and construction as well as debt and structured transactions. A core competency of Graycliff is debt and equity capital markets execution. Capital markets includes real estate valuation, in depth knowledge of debt markets, and structuring of the investment’s various components. Capital markets also includes asset management to execute the business plan and make the day to day decisions that culminate in a successful exit.

Secure Accessible Information

Graycliff offers a secure personal investment portal to each investor that provides detailed information for their individual portfolios. The portal is available 24 hours a day and information is automatically updated on daily basis to ensure a current and accurate representation of their portfolio is presented. We also offer a secured private link to each individual investor as an additional layer of security. Our goal is to provide investors with an easily accessible, safe and reliable method to access their information.